Does your airline need a full cabin refurbishment?

Does it really?

Perhaps a partial refit, perhaps new lighting, new carpets or refurbished lavatories can give your aircraft a fresh new appearance and your passengers a better travel experience and defer some capital expenditure for a couple of years.

Of course, to evaluate these possibilities, you will need to call on expert advice but we have a simple answer.

The Cabin Refurbishment and Repair Conference has all the subject matter experts in one place on one day for an intensive set of presentations covering every aspect of the cabin, as well as the installation of the new cabin when a project goes ahead.

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Keeping up appearances

With next generation aircraft coming into service, major carriers have been pushing the limits on design, materials and technology in their new cabins.

Recognising that an innovative and forward thinking cabin design can be an important market differentiator, many airlines are aiming to upgrade their interiors – but in ways that are as efficient and economical as possible. Elsewhere, other carriers want to take advantage of new developments to increase space, comfort and the number of seats.

Though these forward thinking design elements are integral to new cabins, in day-to-day service there is also a need to keep the passenger environment looking good, for longer.

The Cabin Refurbishment and Repair Conference is a unique forum that offers delegates access to expert speakers from equipment suppliers, MROs and, of course, the airlines themselves. With plenty of opportunities to network and discuss the topics covered throughout the day, The Conference offers a unique insight into an incredibly important facet of the industry. 

What our attendees said about our previous conferences

“Great conference! Really like the single day approach, lots of great info in a short period.”

“The conference was informative, good value for money and I learned something useful.”

“Always a great event!”

“Great conference, good to be a part of it.”



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